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Игра Hogwarts Trivia Quiz Harry Potter

  • Марка: Blue Sky Studios
  • Кат. номер: 5055964746759

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Trivia Quiz


Убедени ли сте, че знаете всичко за света на магията? Знаете ли къде работи вуйчо Върнън? А знаете ли колко килиметра в час развива Светкавицата? Играта ви дава възможност да проверите своите познания и тези на вашите приятели. 


Играта съдържа 50 карти с 4 въпроса (по един за всеки дом), което прави 200 въпроса - идеална за всеки заклет фен на Хари Потър. 


Играта е на английски език.



Harry Potter: Hogwarts Trivia Quiz

Wizards, Witches, and Muggles, this Hogwarts Trivia Quiz allows you the opportunity to amaze your family and friends with your knowledge about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. For example, do you know where Vernon Dursley works? or what is the maximum speed for a Firebolt Broomstick?

Each of the 50 trivia cards contains 4 questions (one for each house) so with 200 questions, it is ideal for all Potterheads.


  • Small and lightweight this Hogwarts Trivia Quiz is perfect for taking with you on a long journey, on holiday, or take on your next sleepover to keep everyone off their phones and spend some quality, fun time together.
  • If you're a fan of Hogwarts and the boy with the scar and glasses, this official Harry Potter item is for you.
  • It is made for any witch or wizard who loves books and movies.
  • This quality game is a unique addition to any game collection.
  • Easy to learn and hard to stop playing, this original Harry Potter game is fun for everyone.